Meyer Bergman Investment Portfolio

Investment Strategy

Pan-European Integrated Investment Strategy

Meyer Bergman is a premier international investor and asset manager, able to source proprietary, off-market investment opportunities and enhance value through superior design, active asset management,
and financial acumen.

Through its well-established pan-European network, Meyer Bergman continually expands and maintains a diverse pipeline of attractive investments in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, with a typical range of transaction value from 40 million to 600 million.

The Group focuses on investments with a retail component, including shopping centers and high street shops in both downtown and out-of-town locations as well as corporate opportunities with a significant retail angle.

Its demonstrated ability and experience to develop creative solutions and execute complex transactions enables it to take better advantage of the most attractive risk/return opportunities the pan-European real estate market offers.

Meyer Bergman combines its deep knowledge of the real estate market with world-class investment management, and complements this with the experience of its strategic partners to drive superior value creation.

Target transactions types:
  • Corporate entities with a significant retail angle
  • Portfolios of attractive assets coupled with non-core assets
  • Core assets whose performance might be improved through skilled and focused active asset management
  • Investment targets in need of financial restructuring
  • Joint Venture opportunities with developers, retailers and other investors
  • Opportunities to acquire additional REIT entities in various European geographies

Target region:
Western, Central and Eastern Europe

Target transaction size:
€40 million to €600 million

If you feel you have a business proposition that may meet our investment criteria, please contact us at